Customer Testimonials

Our customers do the talking…

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our WMS project with Inyxa. We have 100% discovered a partner that we can depend on for an array of support, design, and development.

Most impressively, Inyxa built us a custom control board for bridging communications between Stemilt’s new Distribution Center ASRS and our ERP system. This allowed for a single application to control our entire shipping execution process, taking all of the complications out of the users’ hands.  Inyxa’s development team also created custom mobile forms to support the new processes that came with operating an ASRS.

For me, Inyxa is a perfect fit for Stemilt as a partner as they not only augment my team when we need it, but in knowing they are looking out for our best interests along the way.”

Mike Lowell, Development Manager, Stemilt Growers

“Inyxa has a strong understanding of our business needs. Together, we were able to design a solution that worked well for my team.

We find the Inyxa team to be a tremendous resource for us still today, well beyond our initial project. Working so closely with Inyxa over the years, we’ve developed not only true partners, but we can say we’ve developed friends! Their quick responsiveness to our needs is second to none!”

Dennis Callahan, Sr. Manager Warehouse Operations, Aurobindo Pharma U.S.A

“Inyxa has proven capabilities, originally to solve our complex cartonization problem in our unique environment. We had excellent results and continue to engage them on projects thru today.”

Bjorn Golberg, VP of IT, Emerson Appleton Group

“I was most impressed with Inyxa’s knowledge of WMS and our ERP functions in general.  They have a unique ability to fine tune our user requirements, then provide implementation options during system design.  In addition, it’s evident they realize each company is different when it comes to budget, needs, capabilities, and goals. Knowing that, Inyxa is able to provide the flexibility needed for a project to be successful.”

Chris Ryman, Sr.Specialist IT, Toyota Boshoku America

“Inyxa was fundamental to ensure that our distribution center worked perfectly. In this project we had to integrate an Intelligrated conveyor and the Oracle WMS for the picking and shipping of frozen and fresh products to our customers. The knowledge, experience, and involvement of the Inyxa team was a key factor for the success of this project.”

Mario Diaz, CIO, Productos Fernandez, S.A

“We really appreciated the flexibility of Inyxa. This was definitely a living project and the demands kept changing. I get that, and know how difficult that is. On top of this, our requirements are very much our own, meaning we’re taking a square peg and trying to pound it into the proverbial round hole. I’m not sure anyone else could have done what Inyxa did, to be honest.”

Director of Operational Planning & Sales, Global Industrial Manufacturer