Supply Chain Control Towers

The idea of a Supply Chain Control Tower has bounced around since the early 2000s in a variety of forms. Depending on who you’re talking to, the solution can vary dramatically, while the concept is extremely consistent from one case to the next.

What makes the term “Control Tower” so applicable and universally appreciated in the supply chain, is it tends to always refers to the pillars of supply chain optimization: visibility, efficiency, and collaboration.

 What is a Control Tower for Inyxa?

Inyxa’s Supply Chain Control Towers are mashup applications that provide consolidated views and control across company-specific systems, IoT sensors, and analytics tools. Any number of relevant warehouse applications can be involved, from Warehouse Management Systems, Transportation Management Systems, Material Handling Systems, Labor Tracking Systems, to temperature sensors, business intelligence applications, and more.  All of which are displayed on a centralized dashboard, or “Control Tower” for a person or team to view, manage, and act on all levels of their supply chain operations, including Receiving, Manufacturing, and Outbound transactions.

With Inyxa’s ConneX platform, we are able to quickly build and deploy customer-specific Control Towers unique to each of our customers requirements, business needs, and systems infrastructure. Although the dashboard designs and general deliverables are different for each customer, the benefits received and results tend to remain consistent for each customer.

“The Control Tower allowed for a single application to control our entire shipping execution process, taking all of the complications out of the user’s hands.”

Mike Lowell, Development Manager, Stemilt Growers

Control Tower Benefits:

      • Centralized Control of Multiple Systems

      • Contextual Display of Data for Real-Time Decision Making

      • Easy Coordination of Activities Between Systems

      • Ability to Quickly React to Exceptions and Alerts

  • End-To-End Tracking of Warehouse Material and Items

  • Better Compliance and Traceability

  • Increased Visibility and Transparency with Supply Chain Partnerships

  • Increased Flexibility to External Factors