Inyxa’s Areas of Expertise

Inyxa’s core focus areas are Supply Chain Execution and Manufacturing. We have assisted organizations worldwide with improvements to their receiving, pick, pack, ship, manufacturing & inventory movement efficiency, sometimes by up to 90% over what was possible out of the box. We are one of Oracle’s leading implementation partners for Warehouse Management & MSCA.

With our experience in Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash & Manufacturing systems and by bringing together unparalleled Industry Expertise with cutting edge development capabilities in Fusion Middleware, Oracle ADF, Oracle Applications and Oracle SOA Suite, Inyxa has helped customers in Retail, Industrial Supply, Produce, Hi-Tech, Healthcare, Distribution & Industrial Manufacturing realize the full potential of their investments.

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Oracle E-Business Suite

Supply Chain & Manufacturing services & solutions for existing and potential EBS customers

Implementation, Upgrades & Extensions

Satisfied customers in Retail, Industrial Manufacturing, Food & Produce, Distribution, Pharma & Hi-Tech

Warehouse Automation

Simple Inventory, MSCA or WMS implementations to complex automation integrations

Implementations & Integrations

ASRS and Sorter Integrations
Pallet and Cartonization
Packing & Labeling Integrations
Mobile extensions

Collaboration Portals

Improve Collaboration, extend ERP functionality or address process gaps

Collaborate with Suppliers or Team Members

Collaborative portals for Suppliers, Anti-diversion code capture, Labeling


We can support your implementation through increased optimizations

We can Optimize your Processes

Ongoing project support to address specific process gaps or meet continued development (ERP or custom) or enhancement requirements

Oracle ERP Services

Turnkey Implementations to specific business process projects

We have extensive experience in providing implementation services for Oracle EBS Supply Chain Execution and Manufacturing tracks. We have expertise in multi-year large engagement projects as well as smaller projects addressing specific business pain points. Examples by industry are:


  • Managing Style Items.
  • Merchandising, Planning and Purchase workbenches.
  • High-speed Case Picking Enhancements for Warehouse Management
  • Processing ad-hoc customer returns and disposition of these returns.
  • Real-time Store & Distribution Center Signage & Dashboards

Oracle PIM, WMS, INV, OM, Purchasing, iSupplier

Produce & Pharma:

  • Tracking of Produce from Farm to Store , through its washing, sorting & packing process using LPNs and Warehouse Management.
  • High Speed receiving, for receiving large numbers of bins into Oracle in an efficient manner.
  • Optimized & directed movement of material.
  • Interfacing to & from complex processing & packing equipment.

Oracle Process Manufacturing, WMS, Inventory, Purchasing, Receiving, Shipping

Distribution & CPG:

  • Automated mixed Item Pallet Building. Picks are divided among pickers, so each picker goes in sequence to build a complete pallet, eliminating the need for a separate consolidation step
  • Optimization of forward storage areas with dynamic pick faces, and complex material storage rules.

Oracle WMS, MSCA, Inventory, Receiving, Shipping

Industrial Supply:

  • Tracking Multiple Packaging Codes for a single item, with mobile forms to efficiently change packaging codes, and warehouse rules to receive, pick, pack & ship items with multiple packaging codes.

Oracle WMS, Inventory, WIP, MSCA

Hi-Tech & Semiconductor:

  • Integration with Manufacturing Execution System to Oracle Shop Floor Management & WIP
  • Directed handling of complex material storage rules
  • Lot, Serial & Expiration Date capture & tracking.
  • Remote Supplier Labeling. Allow suppliers to print labels for the product they ship to you.

Oracle WMS, Inventory, WIP, OSFM, MES

Warehouse Automation

Build integrations between Warehouse Automation equipment and your ERP, MES or 3rd party solutions

Inyxa has extensive experience in warehouse automation integration including:

  • Integration of sortation equipment with Wave & Pick processes
  • Integration with Packing & Labeling Systems
  • Mobile extensions for efficient Pick, Pack & Ship with sorter or conveyor infrastructure
  • Integration expertise with ASRS, Carousel, Scale and other Warehouse Control equipment.
  • Enhanced Bulk Picking solutions for full pallet picks across orders.
  • Worked with various systems & hardware partners
  • Oracle WMS integration with Pallet ASRS and Goods-to-Man Systems
  • Oracle WMS  Automation for Automated Case Dispensing
  • Optimization of ASRS Case Picking
  • End of line packing for ASRS
  • Oracle WMS integration with Conveyance and Sortation Automation equipment
  • Outbound Wave release integration with ASRS & Sortation Control

Collaboration Portals

To help improve collaborative efforts between business, suppliers, customers and internal teams

Inyxa’s Collaboration Portals are highly customizable web applications that offer several key features including:

  • Secure connection to ERP
  • Ability to expose complex functionality validated in real-Time with customers
  • Offline Capability – Application continues to work in the absence of an Internet Connection, Syncing up with the Host System when the connection Returns.
  • Integrated Login & Easy Invitation for Supply Chain Collaborators
  • Multi-Lingual capabilities.

Some examples of our Collaboration Portals:

  • Remote Supplier Labeling
    • Business Case:  Product that arrives at a manufacturing facility without the correct labels, or without the correct packing configuration may require additional handling.  This additional handling could cause a bottleneck at the receiving dock.
    • Features include an inbuilt web-based Label Designer, where Supplier Labels can be designed.
    • Ability to push out Bar-Coded labels with 1D & 2D barcodes to suppliers.
    • Support for Pallet Labels, Carton Labels, Master Labels, Item / Unit Labels.
    • Auto Packing – Ability to suggest a packing configuration for the supplier based on organization’s receiving requirements.
    • Integrated ASN with ERP.
  • Anti-Divergence
    • Business Case:  Need suppliers to capture a unique Anti-Divergence number on each unit of product being shipped.
    • Ability to function in Offline Mode during AD number capture, then sync up when connection returns.
    • Ability to capture Pallet, Case & Unit Level SN
  • Supplier Catalyst – Capture ideas from Supply Chain Collaborators
  • Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management –  A UI to create Items & BOMs, which then sync up to the ERP.

Support & Development Services

Ongoing support for maintenance, development or enhancements

Inyxa provides support & development services for ongoing ERP maintenance, for continued development (ERP or custom) and for enhancement projects:

  • Project-based support services allow customers to use our team to ramp up development efforts during projects
  • FTE-based support agreements are for ongoing support. These provide customers access to our most competitive rates when they commit to FTE-based support. The flexible arrangement allows access to FTEs in a wide range of skills and FTEs can be swapped out as needed. Access and visibility into this support model is provided through our delivery portal.
  • Skills-based support agreements facilitate availability of resources from our pool of skilled consultants for development and Oracle EBS functional tracks.
  • Development support for creation of extensions and customizations for customers’ ERP when plain out-of-the-box features don’t meet process requirements. Our custom development expertise includes but is not limited to:
    • Oracle MWA/MSCA/WMS Framework including Oracle WMS mobile customization
    • Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)
    • Oracle Forms, Reports, OA Framework
    • PL-SQL and JAVA
    • .NET development for Oracle

The Expertise that Makes it Possible

  • A software developer first, system integrator second. A rigorous discipline of software engineering principles allows us to design, build & test complex extensions, customizations & integrations like few other Oracle partners can.
  • Agile Development Methodology with ticket-based support for extensions and products.  Tools to manage source control, ticketing & bug-tracking and real-time project and task visibility.
  • Cutting edge software design & collaboration tools that allow a collaborative design & build process, with constant visibility and feedback from all stakeholders.
  • One of the few Oracle Partners that has added mobile extensions to WMS/MSCA from the ground up, and built complex ADF customizations and integrations using Fusion Middleware