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Remote Supplier Labeling

Browser-based application to reduce the time & effort for re-labeling products

Improve warehouse receiving efficiency by deferring labeling, packaging and capture of Lot & Serial numbers to supplier shipping dock. Enable suppliers to print Labels based on your requirements and import supplier shipment information directly into E-Business suite as an Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) to aid in receiving.

Inyxa’s Remote Supplier Labeling Solution reduces the time and effort associated with re-labeling of product on receipt, and enables Express Receiving functionality in WMS which allows receipt of pallets by a single scan of LPN or Master Carton.

The solution can also be configured to create Supplier Kanban shipping labels or customer-specific labeling for drop ship orders.

Key Features:

Seamless Integration with Oracle Applications with real-time data updates and integrated authentication for users & suppliers

  • Secure & real time data updates to Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) using published open interfaces and APIs.

  • Zero footprint on your EBS infrastructure. An Open XML-based architecture allows your Database Administrator to tweak & optimize EBS queries for your environment.

  • Integrated authentication with Oracle EBS and iSupplier Portal ensures that users & suppliers don’t have another login & password to remember.

  • Features a drag-and-drop label designer with built in Integration to common EBS fields.

  • Enables your Suppliers to view & select PO Lines, package shipment, capture lot and serial numbers, print labels and transmit a Shipment Notice.

  • Supports the most commonly used 1-D and 2-D barcodes

  • Allows you to set label format by supplier for Item, Pallet and Master Carton (UCC/EAN-128) labels.

  • Can also be configured for suppliers with whom you exchange EDI messages.

Tight Integration with Oracle E-Business Suite

  • Quick setup with just a database connection string and User account to get started.

  • Integrated or separate authentication for users & suppliers. Users can leverage their existing EBS username & passwords. Suppliers can use their existing iSupplier Portal logins.

  • Open XML architecture provides database administrators the ability to tweak all queries targeted at the EBS Oracle Database.

  • Software requires no installation on Database or Forms server. Can be installed on a Windows Server in your datacenter or a Window PC sitting in the warehouse.

  • Role-based architecture allows configurable access for Label Designers , System Administrators, Receivers and Suppliers.

Easy-to-Use Label Designer

  • Design Labels directly from a web browser. No additional software or plugin is required. Drag-and-drop label builder allows barcodes, images, lines, boxes and text in a WYSIWYG design interface.

  • Support for a wide variety of 1D and 2D barcode formats including Code 128, UCC/EAN-128, Code 39, EAN-13, Codabar, PDF417, and DataMatrix.

  • Select from a wide variety of EBS data elements from Purchase Orders, Suppliers and Item records. Ability to easily add additional EBS data elements without any code modification.

  • Assign label formats by Supplier for Carton, Pallet or Item Labels.

Supplier Pick, Pack & Ship

  • Secure web interface for suppliers with integrated authentication for suppliers already using iSupplier Portal.

  • Provides suppliers the ability to view open Purchase Orders and select items for shipment.

  • Support for Shipping, Pallet, Master Carton (UCC/EAN-128) and Item Labels.

  • Capture of Serial and Lot numbers and packaging information, based on item configuration in EBS for receiving warehouse.

  • Auto-pack capability based on standard Carton & Pallet pack quantity stored in EBS.

  • Generated Labels pushed to Supplier browser as a PDF file, which can then be printed on any thermal or Laser printer.

Express Receiving & Supplier ASN Processing

  • Support for creation of Advanced Shipment Notice into EBS based on Supplier Packaging, Pallet and Carton Labels printed and Lot / Serial Numbers entered.

  • Cut down on receiving time in warehouse by Leveraging Oracle WMS Express Receiving functionality to directly scan only Pallet License Plate Numbers instead of item, quantity, serial and lot barcodes.